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Think. Reason. Question. Experiment.

Little Shining Lights Nursery and Preschool is a registered Charity, registered with Ofsted. Our childcare setting offers an outstanding and affordable childcare provision within our Christian ethos for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers aged 3 months to 5 years old.  We have full time and part time places and we are open for 50 weeks.

At our setting, your child will benefit from a whole team of caring, passionate staff with the benefit of their very own Key Person, who works closely with you to provide the very best care for your child just as you would provide yourself.


Your child’s key person will keep a Learning Journey up to date with all the great things your child has achieved both great and small.

We achieve this by working towards these aims

  • To give every child we care for a positive and lasting memory of a fulfilling childhood

  • To provide completeness of care to every child as if they were our own.

  • To know and understand the hopes and wishes of every parent for their child

  • To use all our resources and professional training to develop the whole personality of every child.

Meeting their everyday needs

Children need to know that there is someone who cares greatly for them and will keep them warm and dry, safe and feed them when they are hungry. There will be someone who can help them when they are scared, upset or uncomfortable. Somewhere they can have the security of some routine and predictability.

Our Learning Environment

Our nursery environment and facilities enable your child to explore, develop and learn; they are specially designed and equipped specifically with them in mind. You’ll see many familiar homely items such as bookcases, tables, chairs, and sofas just much smaller than you are used to!

We consider the spaces around them to be your child’s third teacher, joining you as parents and us as educators in guiding them through their learning. And you’ll notice how we use our garden area as an outdoor classroom too, full of features to support their play and learning. 

We keep many aspects of our nursery environments consistent as we know your child will benefit greatly from this. With core resources, enriching toys, games and creative materials that are always at hand for your child to play with. However, it is not unusual for parts of our nursery to become unique adventure places where your child’s imagination can run free!


Providing excellent quality care for children is at the heart of everything we do at Little Shining Lights; only when a child feels truly safe and secure will they explore and conquer their environment to their fullest.

Kids in Preschool
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