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Playing toddlers


We are a not-for-profit nursery, which aims to provide affordable childcare. The cost of childcare can put so many parents off choosing it as an option. Pricing is highly competitive and offers excellent value for money. We are passionate about children having the best possible start in life. 

Here are a range of Government Schemes open to parents that can make childcare affordable and we will do everything we can to help you understand the choices and access the funding that you might be eligible for:


  • Tax Free Childcare: For working families earning £100k and at least £131 per week (16 hours at the National Minimum or Living Wage) each who are not in receipt of Tax Credits, Universal Credit or Childcare vouchers -

  • For 15 hours and 30 hours Funded Childcare: Many working parents of 2 years old and 3 -4 years old for 38 weeks each year -


Above all, we are ready to partner with you as the primary carer to your child, and provide support that you require to lay a solid foundation for their education and adult life.

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