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Nursery Manager

We are looking for a passionate and motivated member of staff to join our team as a Nursery Manager. The post holder will be responsible to manage the day to day running of the nursery to include co-ordinating the provision of a caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment for the children and staff, include recruiting and training staff, promoting the childcare centre and managing its finances.

Key working Relationship: Children, Parents/Carers and Nursery Staff

Responsible To: Management Committee/Trustees

Responsible For: Room Leader, Deputy Manager and Nursery Managers

Hours of Work: Monday to Friday start and finish times on rota system.

Pay: £33,000 to £36,000 per annum

Main Duties:

Supervision/Management of People: 

> To recruit, induct, supervise and appraise all Setting staff as appropriate, and in accordance with Setting policies, procedures and standards. 

> To ensure all staff and volunteers are fully aware of the Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and procedures, including the ‘whistle-blowing’, and allegations management policy and process.

> To ensure that all staff working in the Setting on any basis are carefully referenced and DBS checked prior to commencing employment.

> To manage staffing levels within the Setting to comply with required ratios, including planning and organisation of staffing schedules and holiday rotas.

> To manage volunteer staff rota, ensuring they are properly inducted, supported and trained within the Setting.

> To actively promote and facilitate relevant staff training and development opportunities.

> To oversee the supervision and training of student placements within the Setting.

> Maintaining staff awareness of key persons practices within the Setting, e.g. health and safety, food hygiene, safeguarding awareness, paediatric first aid, fire drill procedures, in accordance with the code of practice.

> To liaise with Deputy Manager in showing parents/carers around the Setting facilities and sending out information.

> To lead a team of professional workers and to ensure good practice at all times.

> To actively promote and support the safeguarding of children and young people in the workplace, ensuring that all staff and volunteers observe Setting policies and procedures to keep children safe from harm.

> To ensure staff comply at all times to the Setting’s policies, procedures and standards including health and safety, hygiene and hygiene, safeguarding, inclusion, confidentiality, etc

Creativity and Innovation:

> To actively promote the Setting to ensure that vacant places are filled, and its services are marketed and advertised as necessary to ensure the Setting runs to its full capacity.

> To promote the aims and objectives of the Setting.

> To lead the planning of safe, creative and appropriate opportunities according to children’s needs and interests to fulfil the requirements of the EYF

Contacts & Relationships:

>  To co-ordinate/ chair termly staff meetings as appropriate, including preparation of agendas, training and planning sessions, with minutes.

> To promote the high standards of the Setting at all times to parents/carers, staff and visitors.

Liaise with parents/carers, other family members and staff to help ensure that the particular needs of children are met and that parental choice is considered in terms of care given.

> Establishing and maintaining effective communications links with the Local Authority and other professional bodies associated with the Setting.

> Working in partnership with parents/carers / carers and other family members.

> Co-ordinating with appropriate agencies regarding student/trainee placements and supervising accordingly.

> To liaise with outside agencies as required.

Business development and administration::

> To update and maintain Setting policies and procedures, and the Operational Plan as needed, ensuring that documents are easily accessible.

> To maintain an accurate and effective personnel management system, ensuring all necessary paperwork is securely retained on each staff member, and that such files are kept up to date.

> Be aware of and act in accordance with current legislation, policy and procedures.

> Being responsible for the collection, recording and banking of fees together with administering a petty cash budget;

> Being responsible for all administrative duties associated with the management of the facility, e.g. child registration, creation/ maintenance of relevant records, ordering equipment, maintaining an inventory, keeping personnel records up to date.

> To manage the development and implementation of systems to monitor and record child development;

> To manage the quality of resources within the Setting, including maintenance of materials and equipment

> Overseeing the efficient upkeep of the building, furnishings and fittings

To ensure the efficient upkeep of the building and liaise maintenance/stock of equipment, furnishings and fittings, to be supported by appropriate policies for stock checking and assessing the safety of equipment and resources within the Setting.


> Planning needs to be thorough but flexible to accommodate children’s needs and abilities. Visits from external organisations are usually pre-planned and so not disruptive, but may include Ofsted inspections, visits from Early Years and Childcare Advisors and other professionals. Sudden interruptions would be minimal.

To plan and implement appropriate objectives and policy for the Setting;

> To ensure that a high standard of quality care and education is always provided.

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